Virtues, why bother?


Why would you bother learning virtues on purpose?

So, by now, my dear friend, you are probably aware that we can't really get around learning virtues, resist as we may!

So even the super stubborn people, even the "badies" who do horrible things to other people or animals are learning about virtues?

Yes we all are learning about virtues. We may not master them, but we can't help but experience the effects of lacking virtues or of having mastered them and applying them.

How does that work?

We can't escape the law of karma and the law of attraction. Our actions always have consequences. If our actions are based on vices; harmful thoughts, hatred, anger, then we will experience the effects of these accordingly in our lives. If that is you, you may constantly experience conflict, physical threat, abuse, theft etc. Do you like the sound of that?


No! Not a bit! But I do sometimes get angry, I have to admit. Or sometimes I judge people, you know, when they wear clothes that don't match, or if a fat belly pokes out under the shirt. Stuff like that. So does that mean I am doomed? Now I fear I'll keep having unpleasant events in my life! So if I don't put in the effort, I'll just keep being rather miserable or just not lucky? Or I'm just going to have all these unpleasant things happen in my life?

Not necessarily, but if you don't change anything, then your life is likely to continue pretty much as it has been with a tendency to get worse. It seems to get worse anyway. This is because when an opportunity to learn wasn't taken, then the pressure will be increased. If you thought that wasn't too terribly unpleasant yet and you refused to change, you can count on your circumstances getting tougher. Things seem to get worse till you finally decide it's been enough and life has to change. If you still don't change, all sorts of tragedies will hit, such as accidents, chronic illness and eventually death.


Now, since you said you don't want more pain, you can also choose the other options. You can learn with ease and grace or you can even have the necessary attributes downloaded to you, or even virtues can be downloaded at times. This depends on your beliefs, how developed you are as a person, your soul's intentions and your divine timing and an overall timing etc.


That sounds exciting! So worst case, I may not be able to have the virtues I want downloaded and installed for me just yet, but at least can make some progress just the same?

Yes, absolutely. At the minimum, work can be done for you to accept and understand that learning can be easy, fun and can take place without drama. This in itself will cause your life to change drastically and some time down the road you'll wonder what ever happend and think to yourself: "how did my life ever get to be so good!" As your beliefs change, your vibratory level changes and new things will be possible for you. You'll find that mastering virtues will get easier and easier to the point where you can either learn how to download them yourself or we can get the installation organised for you. The more you improve your thinking, your beliefs, your vibratory level, the nicer your life gets and you can reach your dreams!