The dirty word in regards to how life gets better: VIRTUES


During the course of our lives, we learn many skills and attributes. That's just part of life and part of a bigger picture. We all know we need to learn to walk, talk, eat (if our bodies have the capacity to), learn to speak, read and many more things. Was that ok with you?


But sometimes in life things don't seem to go to plan. Have you ever


  • got bullied?

  • had a relationship fall apart?

  • lost a job?

  • failed an exam?


Yes? But you certainly did not ask for that, did you? You probably don't think you did, because it caused you a lot of pain, and who likes pain? And to avoid future pain, we  adopt new beliefs, traits and coping mechanisms to help protect us.


Sometimes what we learn or enforce is a vice, sometimes a virtue. When we hold negative thoughts, they are vices. If you have learned to turn a situation around and make the best of it with equanimity, you may have mastered a virtue! Big deal? Big deal.


Could it just be then, that pain served more than the eye meets?


Absolutely. One of the main reasons for incarnating is learning. Our souls have an agenda and will produce circumstances for us to learn whatever goal it has set itself. Depending on your belief system and that of your environment, learning is painful. Very painful. And very slow.


In the past, hundreds of generations of humans could learn but one or two virtues in their life times at best. There are over 80 virtues to master in total at present. Go figure how long it took to just slightly improve life for all! And this is exactly what we have been able to observe, progress for humanity has been extremely slow for a very long time. Half a step forward, then a step forward. After thousands of years, the wheel and carts were invented. Many thousands of years later, the cart received an engine and things started to speed up. It is the same with our personal development.


But for most people, progress is still slow when it comes to their inner mind's software,  their personal growth. Humanity hasn't kept up with our development as a species' technological advances and very often we still function on archaic behaviour and belief patterns.


The good news is, it doesn't have to be that way any longer!


Not only are the doors open to us learning and mastering not only 1 to 2 virtues in a lifetime, but 10, 20, 50 or the lot! And if you are just about to get scared thinking of all the pain this will create, I can offer you more good news.


What if it were possible to aquire all the necessary attributes to master a virtue with

  • ease

  • grace

  • in a joyful manner

  • instantaneously?



If you're ready to ditch pain and swap it for joy and ease, if you're ready to master virtues now to experience your fullest potential to be a wonderful human being working for the greatest good of all, check out our virtues section in our shop and get started!