Do you have a list of things you wish you believed? Or a list of things you wish you didn't believe? Sometimes we know what we believe and think is really not that great, but how do you get rid of those beliefs? What if this belief has been with your family for generations? You can send us your personal collection of things you think about yourself, your family, partner, other people, the world, a political system, world events etc. Just add your comments in the note box upon checking out so that we know what you would like us to install or erase. You may add up to 40 beliefs / thoughts. Please be concise and allow one short sentence per issue only. If your list is not phrased in a short and simple bullet point manner, you will have to go over the list again. You can also email us your list separately. (Work done using the Theta Healing Technique)

Your own Belief list - remote installation