• Do you wish you could remember things better?
  • Is brain fog sometimes an issue for you?
  • Did your memory use to work just fine, but now it seems like the brain is just a bit clogged up?
  • Did some stressful event result in a memory loss or impairment?

or do you think you are just too stupid..... you may not be!

I will remotely download hundreds of helpful beliefs and skills to improve your memory function. Any unhelpful belief that your subconscious is willing to let go of at this stage will be cleared. Oaths, vows, contracts etc. not to use your brain capacity optimally will be completed so they will no longer affect you this lifetime. Any trauma or shock affecting your recollection of things will be cleared. Learning skills will be energetically taught.

Your brain function and internal communication will be improved by doing an energetic brain detox of heavy metals, excess radiation etc, having minor brain damage energetically started to improve, unclogging receptors, improving neural pathways, brain body communication, improving brain hydration.

Please note that all changes are monitored by your higher self, which will ultimately decide over what will be allowed to happen for you and what not. This is a protection mechanism that I will not override.

Super Boost Your Memory

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