Do you have negative thoughts and judgements about yourself?

Things like
- I am too stupid for...
- I am not smart enough for...
- I am not pretty enough for...
- I am too old for...
- I am an idiot
- I am a failure
- I amount to no good
- I can't make anyone happy
- I am too shy for meeting people
- I am worthless

I will remotely clear 10 such beliefs for you using the Theta Healing Technique combined with Access Consciousness. During the same session you will also receive a remote / distance healing. You will be sent healing unconditional love from source, from the creator. This healing (if you accept it), will balance your energy fields, chakras, and will make you feel lighter, clearer, happier, give you greater clarity, can trigger spontaneous physical and emotional healing.

I also offer as extras to this gig or via custom orders or other products:

  • comprehensive topic clearing with installation of relevant beneficial beliefs and affirmations
  • eliminating the root cause
  • to help you create your goals and dreams with ease
  • balancing karma
  • canceling contracts and obligations, vows from other times and dimensions (past life etc)
  • heal family patterns passed on via DNA

Live a free life! Success is next!

Self Sabotage Buster