• Are you wanting to get married but just can't find a suitable partner?
  • Have you been married previously but just can't seem to make a relationship last?
  • Are you too scared to commit to a marriage even though you love your partner?


For a start, we have to know what true unconditional love feels like and we have to be able to give it. For most of us, that is not the case. Thus we experience love as conditional - we are loved if we behave well as a child and if we don't meet our parents' expectations we get punished and love is withheld.


If we are not able to love unconditionally and can't accept unconditional love, any relationship will be strained by this fact and it will turn out more like a struggle as to who gets their needs met at what price.


The love we might have felt gets too strained and ends up buried under expectations unmet and grudges held, unforgiveness adding to the weight.


Often we are simply lacking the necessary skills to conduct a successful relationship. Or our  beliefs of how things ought to be a nd what is appropriate and what not can wreak havoc - without us consciously realising what is going on underneath the surface!

But there is hope and help.

The way this can be changed, is by remotely teaching you what true love feels like, what the creator's definition of love is and how you can feel it, accept such love, recognize such love, how to give such love unconditionally to anyone you choose to, an animal, a friend, a loved one, a partner.


Another most important part to open up the doors to being in and leading a successful  marriage / relationship is to possess about the best possible subconscious and conscious beliefs that will support your happily being in a relationship and make you a much easier person to enjoy and be around.


Hundreds to thousands of positive beliefs and affirmations out of (but not limited to) the following topic areas will be sent to you and installed into your being remotely, so that they can immediatly start to take effect:

  • agreements, abandonment, apologies, anger, attachment
  • balance, behaviour, belonging, betrayal, blame, bonding, boundaries
  • commitment, communication, compassion, control and letting go
  • dependency
  • happiness, harmony
  • independence, intimacy
  • love, loving yourself, many more!


Beliefs that are barriers to you expressing and receiving unconditional love and living in a fulfilling marriage will be deleted to make sure they are no longer obstacles to your happiness. Often, we hold subconscious patterns that may stem from forefathers or society  that need to be healed and cleared. This will all thouroughly be addressed.


If there are any curses or vows present or out dated contracts that don't allow you to get married, these will be taken care of as well.


Please be aware that while thousands of beliefs and skills will be sent to you and we do our best to clear vows etc. from you that impact your ability to lead a successful marriage, we cannot guarantee that your being will be able to retain all of these. It may also be necessary for you to improve your communication skills or seek the help of a professional to discuss eventual problems and challenges.


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