Have you been affected with a condition or simply would like to do whatever you can to avoid having it one day?

The Illness and Disease Balance is of immeasurable value in these situations. Be it migraines, depression, back aches, arthritis, ADHD / ADD, any form of cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimers, Dementia, or a huge range of other issues that may be troubling you, we can help. It has been found, that people affected by the same conditions have some beliefs and thoughts and patterns in common, that are not beneficial for them and hinder their desire to heal.

In the balances which you will receive remotely via Theta Healing Technique, we change and uninstall any such beliefs and thought patterns, be that on a personal level or even patterns that have run in your family for generations and that have been passed on directly or via DNA. Thus, anyone within your family system may get the benefits too.

The more diseases & disorders balances you order the cheaper they get. Results depend on your higher self.

1 Disease & Disorder Balance - remote transmission