Enjoying great sex is something most people would like. Yet, many of us have inner blockages that don't let us enjoy this activity to the fullest. We hold a number of negative beliefs about having sex that simply are in the way of ever being able to open up and truly enjoy and give to the other.

Beliefs around gender roles, taboos, prostitution, sex outside of marriage, control, intimacy, opening up, deserving pleasure and many more areas can greatly interfere with enjoying sex.

So what if we could just get such unhelpful beliefs deleted, removed from your being? This is what this gig is about.

At the same time, you will remotely via distance healing be taught many beneficial beliefs, skills, you will receive an unconditional love healing and be taught how to love unconditionally and how to receive unconditional love.

Many people also have old vows, contracts or even curses from this life time or other dimensions in place that don't allow for them to enjoy sex. What if you were a monk or a nun in a previous life and vowed to be sexually abstinent? And what if that vow were still active? That's why we clear such things when the gig is carried out. So that you are free to enjoy.

Great Sex NOW

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