Would you like something similar to comprehensive insurance cover for your health? But unlike insurance it can do a lot for you in the form of prevention! How is that possible? If you haven't got any beliefs, programs, genetic information etc. that makes you susceptible to certain types of conditions, the likelihood of you ever developing any of them at all is greatly reduced. Since you have new, supportive beliefs installed, your thoughts and your perception about situations will change as well. This in turn will further reduce your risk of attracting conditions. This is so because you won't feel so stressed, you can perceive greater truth, operate with more clarity, calmness, peace. The new beliefs will support you in looking after yourself. Cost of a course covering some of of these conditions costs ~$2600 plus cost of preliminary courses.

In this most comprehensive package you get all conditions mentioned in Vianna Stibal's book "disease and disorders" (Theta Healing) covered. Results depend on your higher self.

Comprehensive Disease and Disorder Balance Remote