For a start, we have to know what true unconditional love feels like and we have to be able to give it. For most of us, that is not the case. Thus we experience love as conditional - we are loved if we behave well as a child and if we don't meet our parents' expectations we get punished and love is withheld.

Thus we grow up learning love is conditional and can't be trusted, it could be withdrawn any time. We learn to protect ourselves and often only give conditional love ourselves.

The way this can be changed, is by remotely teaching you what true love feels like, what the creator's definition of love is and how you can feel it, accept such love, recognize such love, how to give such love unconditionally to anyone you choose to, an animal, a friend, a loved one, a partner.

Love is not sexual in nature and thus safe to give and receive at all times.

I will also delete beliefs that are barriers to you expressing and receiving such love. Often, we hold subconscious patterns that may stem from forefathers or have resulted out of abuse or to protect us for other reasons that need to be healed and cleared.

Clear Blockages to Love