Abuse, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual, has greatly damaging effects on the survivor. Often times, they not only feel heart broken and emotionally and possibly physically very sore, but their spirit seems to actually be broken. Have your soul healed, gain back your confidence, learn skills to stay clear from similar situation in the future, be empowered, know your worth, get rid of dependency issues and much more!

- Get rid of small and big hurts, take out the emotion attached to events so that you can think and act clearly and see what was really happening.
- delete hurting and limiting beliefs
- learn feelings you may not have known to lead an empowered, confident life
- install beliefs and skills for harmonious, expansive, fun filled, joyous and loving, mutually supportive relationships etc

hundreds of beliefs & feelings & soul codes installed remotely

Abuse: Healing common root cause issues & effects