Frequently Asked Questions

The following products can be ordered for a third party:

  • emergency healing

  • free energy boost (unconditional love healing)

  • 30 day energy boost (unconditional love healing)

  • 1 year energy boost (unconditional love healing)

All other products must be ordered by the intended recipient or approved of in written or verbal (proof required). The reason for this is that we can't act against someone's free will. We all have free agency and the person carrying out the order will not interfere with free will as this would be against universal laws and is unethical and will generally not work and could have negative consequences for the healer him or herself.

  • Currency is Australian Dollar

  • No taxes are applicable as the healers provide their services as volunteers to the private Elita Foundation

  • Payment can be made online via Paypal. Should the person encounter difficulties using Paypal, they can log in to Paypal directly and send the required payment to our email address

  • Orders are generally carried out within 24 to 48 hours, 7 days a week. Emergency healing as soon as practicable.

  • When ordering Belief Topics or Affirmation topics, the customer needs to leave a comment in the order box during check out so that we know which topics to specifically address.

  • All remote work / distance healing is installed using the Theta Healing Technique which is described on the website or can be looked up on Google entering the search term "Theta Healing". Theta Healing is a modality that is similar to very focused prayer combined with energy healing.

  • Appointments for coaching calls or private sessions are generally available between 1pm - 4pm Australian Standard Eastern Time (Sydney, Canberra,  Melbourne time), Tuesday - Thursday. Appointments are required and are to be prepaid via the website. Other times may be available upon request.