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Disease and Disorder Corrections are not just for those with a chronic illness or other condition! It is great preventative work. Wouldn't you rather have something ruled out ever before it becomes an issue that can be a lot harder to fix?


Are you already facing a health challenge? Here's the place to start.


Any Disease and Disorder product that you purchase will be remotely installed for you unless specified elsehow. Each topic contains a varying amount of programs, beliefs, thoughts and feelings that need addressing to attain the desired results. Disease and Disorder Work goes very deep and changes on a DNA level may occur when beliefs etc have been passed down through the generations via DNA. Disease and Disorder Work can affect a multitude of levels of awareness and various dimensions. For people who are already dealing with a condition, a lot of background work needs to be done. The undoing of a bad foundation so to speak.This is very important, as otherwise newly installed beliefs may not stick. What can also cause the new beliefs not to hold is if you keep thinking negative thoughts or let yourself wallow in fear, despondency, anger etc. without interrupting yourself. Sometimes this requires a bit of self discipline.


The work that will be done for you is what people, who are experiencing a challenge with that particular disease or disorder, usually have in common. The remote transmission will take place as soon as practicable, within 1 to 3 days after purchase. We will send you a message once we have been able to take time for your order to confirm the successful installation, just in case you hadn't already noticed. With every installation, unconditional love / healing will be sent as well unless you indicate that you do not wish for this to happen. If you are dealing with a serious condition. please visit a licensed medical practitioner. It may be beneficial to also book a skype sessions for personalised services such as looking for your specific root cause to the problem you are experiencing as sometimes there are individual factors contributing to a health challenge.






















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