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if we have the courage to pursue them.

(Walt Disney)

Disease and Disorder Balancing



  • Have you spent months or even years trying to get better?

  • Does it seem like nothing works?


If you are affected by a disease or disorder, a serious health condition, you've probably answered yes to both questions above.  Did you also have to realise at some point that a doctor or other therapist alone will most likely not fix your problem for you?


But you want to get healthy?...


Healthy yes, but .... those changes your doctor or therapist has suggested you make.... Do you find it hard to make the necessary changes? Is having to change is a hassle at best?

We Can help you make your healing process easy!


  • We can change the underlying troublesome beliefs for you so that you can stick with the new diet, the health care plan, the exercise etc

  • We can assist you in erasing underlying issues that may have led to a health condition

  • We help you disconnect from the identity of a person who has a "condition"

  • We can assist you in healing yourself from whatever it may be that you are facing

  • After our work, you'll find that other therapies you may do will be a lot more effective and produce lasting results


If you haven't been getting healthy yet despite a lot of effort, it may well be that something subconscious is keeping you where you are. The truth is, that your body is always seeking to heal itself. It always looks for balance.


We can change the why behind the excessive drinking. We can change the why behind our addictions, stress, depression or whatever else is ailing us.


Are you like most of us, sometimes you are good, and then sometimes you have thoughts and behaviours that aren't very nice?That is like watering a seed so it will grow, but every time it reaches the surface, we wrip off the shoots. How is our body meant to heal like that? That means, we need to change our thoughts and beliefs, so that we can take the right actions without tripping ourselves up. And yes, we can make it easy for you.

Imagine how proud you would feel if you one day looked back and said to yourself: "well, that was easy!" 
Why you need this work before you do other therapies


In contrast to most therapies, our technique addresses all levels and dimensions. Shamans work on one plane, Nutritionists on another, Angel practitioners yet on another one, Crystal Therapist work on yet another plane of existence. Because they are only addressing one plane, often times our problems come back from where they weren't resolved yet. Our technique, however, addresses all planes in one go. That saves you hours and hours and thousands of dollars in therapies. Do you like to save money? Do you like to save time? We make sure the underlying reasons for your problems get solved on all levels and dimensions! Otherwise it would be like leaving a few pot holes in a newly resurfaced road. And we don't like those.



Other therapies sometimes just apply a type of bandaid. We all know bandaids come off sooner or later. We don't apply bandaids, but deal with the root cause. We peel off the infamous onion layers and go to the core. If in your core you have programs that don't allow you to retain or accept a healing or use it for your good, then that needs to be dealt with for a start. Does your other therapist ever look at that?


Other therapists can help you adjust your diet to help with depression, the way you move, a surgeon may unclog blocked veins. All of this can be very important. But it does not deal with the reason behind it. 


25% of chronically ill people have a broken soul.

75% of people suffering from depression have a broken soul.


Did you know that we can indeed suffer from a broken heart, a broken soul? Sometimes we even say that we feel heart broken. If that is the case, during your session we need to take special care of a broken soul and mend it, because otherwise healing is most unlikely.  If you have soul fragments that are scattered or attached to other people, we need to call those back too to integrate with the original owner. If you have any energy that doesn't belong to you, that must be returned as well including any "spirits".


People who are dealing with disease or disorders often times lack receptors for certain feelings. I was amased at what basic feelings I didn't know myself! We will take care of this for you too and you will  learn appropriate feelings that you may never have known. After all, how are you supposed to love yourself, if you don't know what love feels like? Or how are you meant to be happy or confident, if you've never felt that way before?


You will learn discernment and gain a higher perspective on circumstances. This will allow you to accept a healing, to forgive, to let go and be able to retain benefits of the situation which still serve you. 


When we have dealt with the root cause of your issue, you will be free to heal. Some people heal on the spot! You will be free to create a life that you fully enjoy. Free to reach for the stars and shine.



























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