We so value its comfort that we fail to notice the hole in it. (Robert Brault)

An old belief is like an old shoe.

Beliefs and Programs

We all have beliefs and programs we run by. Sometimes, these beliefs are beneficial, other times they are not and hinder us in experiencing a life filled with joy, peace, love, success and abundance and wealth. They can cause us to be lonely, suffer with afflictions, disease and hardship.


Examples of less than helpful beliefs are:


  • Money doesn't grow on trees

  • Boys don't cry

  • I have to be perfect to be loved

  • I am ugly

  • I am stupid


An easy start for you to deal with such negative influences in your life  is to pick topics where you'd like to see change. We will then do a comprehensive belief work session for you, generally remotely, without you needing to be present. We make sure unhelpful programs are dealt with. We transmit  new beneficial beliefs that allow flow,  greater clarity and a higher perception of truth..

By embracing new perspectives and feelings, it makes it a lot easier for us to let go of old beliefs that we thought served us. Some beliefs we have absorbed as young children, or through events that happened, via society or even via DNA and other sources. Clearing beliefs on all levels and dimensions is thus paramount. Through learning new perspectives and feelings and beliefs, we are able to eliminate rigidity in our bodies and behaviour and create greater flow and ease and harmony which will lead to a joy filled, abundant, peaceful life.


Please note that you can only order any of our services for yourself or for very young children. For people in a Coma or with severe mental disabilities please contact us. We cannot accept orders for people other than yourself as doing such work may be against their wish and interfere with their freedom of choice. If a person has not agreed to receiving any and all of our help offered, you are waisting your time as their higher self will be blocking such work and changes.

For a PDF file of example Belief Topics and Programs

Sometimes it is important, that learnings be retained that we have gained in the past. In such cases we will see to them still serving you, yet with with greater insigh,  higher flexibility and more harmonious new reactional patterns enabled.


Often, in order for new beliefs to hold, we also need to teach feelings. Would you have an idea how many  people don't know true unconditional love, what it feels like, what that looks like in one's life? If you don't know what it feels like, how are you meant to unconditionally love someone or receive and recognize such love? It isn't possible.






















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