Do you sometimes wish things were different?

At Health Address, we Believe in happiness. HOW ABOUT YoU?

  • Are you interested  in living a fantastic life right now?

  • Have you sometimes wondered if there wasn't an easier way?


Yes?Then you are in the right place at the right time.


  • Imagine what could be if you actually achieved vibrant health? Would you like that right now?

  • And how would your life change if you had that success you've been dreaming of? Do you like the tought of that?

  • What if attaining inner peace suddenly were easy? Could you get excited about all of this?


Take action right here! You will find a range of services that let you walk your journey and attain your goals with much greater ease and grace.


At Health Address, we are about taking the struggle out of your achieving and living your dreams. The days, when personal development, regaining health or attaining success appeared to be reserved for the lucky few are over.


You can still choose a life in a monastery and meditate all day long, but you don't have to. We have the choice of freedom. We encourage you to allow yourself to enjoy that freedom right now. It is possible. Cn you imagine how much time and frustration this will save you?




We all have beliefs and programs that rule our lives. Do your beliefs hinder you or even cause you to be lonely, suffer with afflictions, disease and hardship? Would you like beliefs instead, that serve you for the best?


We assist you in getting rid of programs and beliefs that keep you from experiencing success, health, great relationships or any other life topic that is important to you.

For in depth problem solving we offer personal sessions in which we find the root cause of your problem and change that so that you can move forward with ease and joy.

Do you already have the desire for change?

Do you like affirmations to help you change things in your life and make positive changes happen?

And you would prefer to reap the benefits already  now?  Great, we're on your side.


Do you want your affirmations to work instantly?

Do you want the days of months of tedious affirming to be a thing of the past?


Let us install your affirmations for you, do it the auto pilot way!

Have you spent months or even years trying to get better?

Does it seem like nothing works?


If you are affected by a disease or disorder, a serious health condition, you've probably answered yes to both questions above.


But you want to get healthy?... Take action right here, let us clear the slate for you and program healthy, supportive beliefs that will allow you to greatly improve your health.


Does that sound like something you would like?

ThetaHealing® is a meditation technique that allows you to easily make huge changes in your life, be that on a mental, physical or spiritual level.

Come join us to learn how to be in charge of your own personal development and create yourself a life that will inspire those you come in contact with!

Topics include:

- the foundational  3 levels where you learn all the basics to become a practitioner to help yourself and others.

- abundance

- relationships

- health

- success

- ideal weight

- connection with Creator

- psychic skills

- etc.



Damon Ronald Broussard

Lexington, NC, USA

Very very beneficial package especially if you have hit a wall of further success or just any type of money blockage. It fills me with a focus on priorities of my business and a wake up in the morning no bs lets get this done attitude for work. Thank you's beyond thank you's for this package and a clear opening to financial freedom.

Zameer Kurji

Lake forest, CA, USA

Seller goes above and beyond everytime i order from her. She's extremely responsive and checks in on me to see how i'm doing after the healings. I feel like i'm really cared for when working with her which is what keeps me coming back. A+++++ service, flat out.

Stina Kerans

Queanbeyan, NSW

Lorea, a big THANK YOU. The results were immediate and obvious also to G. My night contained a familiar blissful state and I felt ready for the day. L&L, Stina

Tamara Guirado

Ashland, Oregon

Wow, thank you so much---I am grateful. What an outstanding experience! I'm a healer and have both given and received many energy modalities. Lorea Elia is as good as the expensive folks and consider yourself very lucky to have the chance to work with her. After one clearing session, I have been recommending Health Address to all my healer friends. Miracles are afoot.

Gene Schaefer

Burrgate, NSW

A big thank you! I am getting better every day. The initial growth and possibility of growth I lay all at Lorea's feet. Thank you for all that she did then and has continued to do. I am deeply indebted to her. I called Lorea Elia in desperation and Lorea responded quickly and without hesitation. My health was an ongoing battle and Lorea has helped me many times on my journey forward. I am now feeling very strong and getting stronger daily.

Denise Bynum

Chapel HIll North Carolina

For once in my life, I'm given hope, through this hope will come blessed assurance of positive change within my family. The seller gave a reading with undeniable information, and her deliverance left no room for doubt. I will not hesitate to come back to this seller.

Joseph Zarek

Washington DC

Peace of mind and resolution is what Lorea Elia from Health Address brings; and this is what she brought to me. I recommend Lorea Elia to help you too!

Lynda May

Merimbula, NSW

I have found that Lorea Elia's work is very helpful. I have had great lasting improvement in an area I had particularly felt stuck in. I now feel so much less burdened by my past! My self recriminations lessened considerably and I am feeling a lot more stable, unencumbered, free to proceed in life.

Lorea is a thorough and knowledgeable practitioner. She is sincere and  determined in helping others to get beyond their limitations and heal mentally, emotionally and physically - and at subtle levels and deep levels as well. I felt she was / is committed to my well being (and of others!) no matter what it takes.

Tessa R.

Seattle, Washington

Hello Lorea, thank you so much. I do feel better. I was wondering if you remember the time you started the healing. (Your time in Australia?) I got your name as a referral from my friend Tamara in Oregon US.... She highly recommends you....

I feel like I am still clearing. I asked the time because at 4pm my time (10 o'clock your time) I really felt it .... so I was wondering if I was really feeling it or it was my imagination. so, now I know I did feel it right when you were working..... It was a very nice loving feeling. Thank you.

Jacqueline Anne Ferguson

Cowdenbeath, Fife, Scotland

Excellent!! I feel very supported and guided and blessed by the help of Lorea. I will continue to follow the guidance. I recommend this service. Thank so much!! XO


Herefordshire, UK

Second time buying from this really lovely/helpful/professional seller. I wouldn't hesitate to come back again. It's so good to know there's someone out there who can help. Huge thank you xxx

Nicholas Hambas

Greenwich Connecticut, USA

Excellent stuff. Seller was very helpful at making me think about possible blocks.

Linda Wallace

Add some more info about this item...

Excellent!! I feel very supported and guided and blessed by the help of Lorea. I will continue to follow the guidance. I recommend this service. Thank so much!! XO

Tziril Malka

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Outstanding! Highly Recommend! Compassionate! Gifted! Provides Feedback! Thank You!

Reji Kurien

Ernakulam / kerala state , India

Highest gratitude for all that you did for me . So grateful. Thank you .

Khaled Saud Al-enazi

Saudi Arabia

Amazing, I advise other to deal with Healthaddress.

Samina Yousif


Truly a wonderful person! Very grateful for your help! So much love and gratitude for you and your amazing work. Thank you! Highly recommended and life changing. Such amazing and beautiful work! Thank you so much!

Daniel Shanahan

Melbourne, Australia

Thanks this gig is very useful to know how to be free from anything that is quite good since I value yourself and this service a lot in my own way since its very great that this support will make things go right

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